Sovereign Emperor proclaimed infallible


The Empire of Pavlov is a social and cultural project which seeks to model the society, customs, and traditions of the medieval Slavic principalities and the Roman Empire in a contemporary framing. The standards of what is and isn't acceptable were drastically different in the era that Pavlov is modeled after, and many of today's societal concepts didn't exist at all. More in the Disclaimer.

Sovereign Emperor proclaimed infallible

30 July 7528 AM

The Senate of the Empire of Pavlov has passed an Act proclaiming the infallibility of the Pavlovian Emperor. The Act states that the Pavlovian Emperor, by virtue of his supreme Imperial authority and status as the Viceroy of God, Emperor of the Romans, Successor of St. Peter, Defender of the Faith, Turtle and Elephants, and Custodian of Heaven on Flat Earth, is preserved from the possibility of error when proclaiming the matters of State in his official capacity.

The Act, motioned by Tsesarevych Jaroslav Aleksandrovych, makes His Imperial Majesty the third infallible Head of State, after Pope Francis by virtue of Papal infallibility, and Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, whose infallibility was proclaimed in 2006.