History of Our Empire

What has 8 years of Pavlov brought us?

Pavlov as a community has had several incarnations or "eras", with the modern Empire of Pavlov being the last of them.


Pavlov was founded on 8 July 2012 as a new nation project experimenting with absolute monarchy. As membership in the government grew over the course of late 2012, Pavlov experimented with other types of government, including a short period as a republic, before finally becoming a constitutional monarchy in December.


On 19 April 2013, the Federal Republic of Lostisland was established and former Lostislandic Head of State was selected to serve as Federal President while Tezdzhan-Smahin was selected to serve as Prime Minister. Pavlov was integrated within the new union as the Federation of Pavlov. After some initial cooperation things soon went sour.


On 14 September, the Monarch was allowed by the Antarctic Micronational Union to assert sovereignty over the Antarctic claims of the former Grand Principality of Snežanopol and established the Grand Principality of Pavlov. 


It was in this era that the idea of Pavlov being the fourth Rome and legal successor to Kyivan Rus' were enacted and started. During this period, the Empire co-hosted numerous summits in Moscow, with members of the Russophone community such as the Federal Republic of Lostisland, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Nadiria, the Republic of Eslande and the Kingdom of Nazir represented. During 2015, the Empire followed an isolationist foreign policy and mostly concentrated on internal development. In late 2015, the Emperor and Autocrat commissioned a new anthem to be composed by a famous Russian composer and the development of a new, innovative eGovernment portal.

Downfall & revivals

In June 2016, the Emperor and Autocrat Alexander IV ratified a new Constitution for the empire. The treaty with Lostisland was voided after tensions rise between Yaroslav Mar and Tezdzhan-Smahin. In late 2016, Pavlov rapidly expanded following the peaceful annexations of Hasanistan, Carpathia, Akebar and other regions. On 12 October, a new government was appointed by the Emperor, led by Krishtof von Drakon. On 3 December a plot planned by Pavle Savovic was uncovered.  Numerous attempts to revival were taking place in this era, all of them equally unsuccessful.


Montescano was founded in May 2019 to re-enter micronational politics, during this period many old friendships were revived and some were destroyed. Since the earliest foundation of Montescano calls were made by citizens at reviving the Empire and re-asserting the Imperial claim. Montescano was known for a extensive online legislature, unlike the more autocratic Pavlovian projects.


Current era, the Imperial claim was re-asserted and the name of the state returned to the Empire of Pavlov which it had been for over 1492 days.