Disclaimer on Pavlovian titles

Disclaimer about the usage of the Pavlovian noble titles

Before you make a donation to Pavlov with the intention to acquire a "noble title", please do take a moment of your time to understand that: Pavlov's titles are NOT RECOGNIZED by any world governments.

Why are we telling you this? Because there are more then enough scammers on the internet trying to lure people into spending a serious amount of money tricking them into thinking they will become "actual" nobility. You are essentially getting a few scraps of worthless paper.

Pavlovian titles do not come with a grant of land, nor will you receive any right to a passport or to settle on Pavlovian soil. Pavlov does not advocate that any of our title holders use their title for fraudulent purposes.  In fact, we discourage the holders of using their titles outside of the micronational community at all. The usage of non-government created "noble" titles can be a criminal offense in some jurisdictions, so please check your local laws before waving your new certificate around on the street. Pavlovian Noble titles outside of Pavlov are more or less equal to nicknames and do not offer any benefits.

The point of donating to Pavlov is that you support our mission and wish to help with a financial donation.  Your contributions allow us to cover our general operating expenses and further our efforts.

Frequently asked questions

Do my children inherit my title?

No, by receiving a title through donation, the title issued is a Life Peerage and does not pass to your relatives.  

Can I create as custom title?

No, the titles at offer are limited to a specific number and as such are pre-curated.

Do I receive Pavlovian citizenship if I get a title?

Not necesarilly, but we do invite all donators to become subjects of the Empire.

So Pavlovian titles are fake?

Pavlov's titles are recognized by ZERO world governments. Pavlovian titles are not "real" titles! They are real in the sense that they are not fake foreign titles of nobility, but because they are issued by a micronation unrecognized by other governments, it is best to not see them as "real" noble titles.