General information about Pavlov

Facts & figures are listed here

Country name

  • Conventional long form: Empire of Pavlov
  • Conventional short form: Pavlov


  • 63 residential Subjects
  • 27 non-residential Subjects (status being granted by Decree after petitioning the Empire)

Political information

  • Government type: Autocratic Elective Constitutional Monarchy
  • Head of State: HIM Emperor Ivan VII
  • Heads of Government: HS Duchess Helena Aleksandrivna Kirsanova
  • Capital: Aleksandropol
  • Administrative divisions:  Zemlja (first level), Uyezds (second level), Towns and Manors (third level)
  • Independence: 8 July 2012

Cultural information

  • Nationality: Pavlovian Rus'
  • Religion: Chalcedonian Christianity
  • Currency: Hryvnia (₴)
  • Languages: Ukrainian & Pavlovian English