Let's answer all the questions you probably have about us.

We will answer all of the questions you might have.

Still missing a question? Or have a very specific question regarding a specific situation, do not worry! We answer all serious mails which come into our accounts via the contact form. Did you not get a reply? Make sure to check your spam folder!

The Empire of Pavlov, or simply Pavlov, is a global sovereignty and an independent social and cultural organization operating in the form of a nation state.

As part of the Pavlovian Rus' cultural heritage, we maintain a ceremonial territorial claim over 24 land plots — in the Netherlands, in Slovakia, in Ukraine, in Turkey, in Montenegro, in Serbia, in the United States and in Russia (known in Pavlov as Muscovy). It should be noted, however, that Pavlov doesn't dispute the sovereignty of the plots by their respective "macronational" Governments.

Not a single law in the world forbids the creation of a new state: an authority able to issue such law simply doesn’t exist.

As of now, we aren’t, and for this reason our documents have no validity outside the Empire. However, the existence of a state isn’t dependent on whether it’s recognised or not.

Any individual except citizens and permanent residents of the certain countries can. To apply for Subjectship please proceed to the subjectship application form. Please be informed, however, that the Pavlovian Subjectship doesn’t replace that of a UN member state and may not be used for obtaining travel documents.

We are supporters of the system of governance named “monarchy”. Not only because of her biblical base but also because it is the only alternative to mob rule. As Pavlov is by the participants of the project viewed as the legal successor of both Kievan Rus' and the Roman Empire, there was no choice but to establish Pavlov as so.

If that is what you are looking for, than the answer would be No. Title collecters are not welcome here. You can receive a title if you actively work for the development of our cause.

In short no. The Empire of Pavlov does not issue regular passports, please don’t apply for Pavlovian subjectship if your motivation is to obtain a travel document. As a confirmation of your status of a Pavlovian subjectship  once your application is accepted you’ll receive a PDF version of your Certificate of Citizenship, and afterwards you can purchase its paper version, signed and stamped by the Emperor, or a plastic Identity Card.

Diplomats, Senior Government officials and members of the Imperial family, are able to apply for a Emergency passport. The Empire of Pavlov will soon start the issuance of Diplomatic passports for the same group.

Yes. The Empire is always looking for new dedicated individuals willing to join our team, outline your skills and interests and we’ll find a suitable position for you.

Our principle, however, is to find positions for people, not people for positions. If you’re truly interested in being part of the Fourth Rome, contact us and we’ll surely find a way to establish further cooperation.

There’s no secret that much of what can be seen on our website is intended to be humorous or satirical. Unlike some of our colleagues, our goal is not to deceive visitors with ostentatious seriousness and claim to be something we’re not (such as a real state). Nonetheless, Pavlov itself is neither a game or a satire, and many of our subjects are known and respectable members of the society.

For more information visit this page specifically dedicated to our claim to being the Fourth Rome.

Pavlov's titles are recognized by ZERO world governments. Pavlovian titles are not "real" titles! They are real in the sense that they are not fake foreign titles of nobility, but because they are issued by a micronation unrecognized by other governments, it is best to not see them as "real" noble titles.

At this point there is no way for a foreigner (ie non-citizen) to become a Pavlovian noble, this might change in the future by which it could be possible to receive a title by donating to the treasury.

As such We would like to tell you upfront - not to discourage from donating - but because we do not want to give you the impression that our titles are in reality more than a few pieces of paper (and essentially worthless in day to day life). Pavlovian titles do not come with land grants and do not give automatic citizenship to the holder.

We are not advocating that any of our titleholders use their title for fraudulent purposes (or in general at all). In fact, we downright discourage it! In some countries, usage of non-government created titles can be a criminal offense, so please check local laws before waving your new certificate around on the street.

We respect that different people have different beliefs and don't intend to force our views upon others. Nonetheless, we'd like to make it absolutely clear that Byzantine and Rus' culture is inseparable from Christianity, and it will remain as such in our restoration project. Just like we won't preach our views in a mosque, a synagogue, or a secular humanist community, we also expect that our right to have our beliefs — or pretend to have them for simulation purposes — will be honoured.

As we've stated above, we don't hesitate to be humorous. While we consider ourselves a global sovereignty, we're not a state where people live in, nor do we intend to become one, and as such we can allow ourselves to be somewhat less formal.

This being said, as a restorationist project, our goal is to recreate a Roman and Rus' society as it could have existed today, and most of our "humorous" laws have a historical background. For example, catfish were indeed considered "devilish" and unfit for consumption in medieval Rus' principalities. Likewise, the ultraconservative religious and family laws of Pavlov are in line with what medieval people believed in (and not necessarily what Pavlovians really believe). As of Flat Earth, this theory was endorsed by prominent Roman theologians, including none other than Saint Augustine — one of the Four Great Church Fathers.

Individually Pavlovian subjects may have different political or religious views, which we respect. Yet, Pavlov as a community has developed her own culture, quirks, and traditions, and we ask you to not ruin the fun.

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