Meet the team

Pavlov is run by a team of dedicated professionals, who provide for a smooth and efficient management of the organization.

Head of State

HIM Emperor Alexander IV

HIM Emperor Alexander IV

HIM Emperor Alexander IV is the founder and the first (and only) head of state of Pavlov. As Monarch, Alexander is not only the face of the Empire but also the guardian of the Subjects ("members") of Pavlov. Albeit his powers are according to the Basic law in theory unlimited, he authorizes the Consuls and Senate to exercise a lot of his prerogatives on his behalf.

HIM Emperor Alexander IV serves as executive leader of the nation, he must give his assent to all Acts of the Senate. Alexander currently reigns for his 8th year on the throne.

Heads of Government

Baroness Helena Aleksandrivna K.

HS Duchess Helena Aleksandrivna Kirsanova

Lady Helena Aleksandrivna joined the Empire in 2019, being a friend of the Monarch since mid-2017. Lady K. is the first female senator appointed in her own right since the founding of Rome in 573 BC. She is also the Secretary of Minorities, an office dedicated to defending the rights of the minority subjects. Lady Helena Aleksandrivna was appointed First Consul Suffectus in August 2020.

HI Count Eduard Robertovych Gunderov Consul

Lord Gunderov has been involved in Pavlov since the "Montescanin" period in 2019. He is to date the only Head of Government appointed to high office after being only involved in it for a couple of months. Lord Gunderov has cooperated with the Monarch in another micronation project and has so achieved his trust in a small timeframe.


HIH Tsesarevych Jaroslav Aleksandrovych

HIH Tsesarevych Jaroslav Aleksandrovych
Heir to the Throne

HIH is - after the Monarch himself - the person with the longest history in Pavlov, being involved in it since early 2013. During the golden years of 2016 he was formally adopted by the Monarch and as such received the status of being an Imperial Prince. Jaroslav is the heir to the throne.

HI Count Jaroslav Mykhaylovych Andrijewskyj

Count Jaroslav Mykhaylovych Andrijewskyj
Religious advisor

Lord Andrijewskyj has been involved in Pavlov since 2014, having served in the period of 2014-2018 as Grand Inquisitor of Pavlov. He was together with HIH Grand Prince Jaroslav responsible for many of the reunions in the Russophone sector. Having converted to the Bön religion, he became a ordained Priest of it. He currently serves as Chief Religious advisor to the Emperor and as Grand Shen of the Empire of Pavlov.

HI Count Kristiian Karolovych Nevtonenko

HS Duke Kristiian Karolovych Nevtonenko
Grand Domestikos

Lord Nevtonenko has been involved in Pavlov since mid-2017, in 2018 he was appointed the Head of Government. Serving in the US armed forces, Lord Nevtonenko was appointed the Grand Domestikos, the professional Head of the Pavlovian Armed Forces.

Baron Modest Akhmetovych Saradzhev

HS Duke Modest Akhmetovych Saradzhev
Secretary of the Barbarians

Duke Saradzhev (Akhmetovych) was involved in Pavlov since 2013, he is a personal friend of the Monarch. Lord Saradzhev as Secretary of the Barbarians is responsible for the Foreign affairs of the Empire and all contact with foreigners - including the subjectship applications (migrations). Barbarians in this means foreigners - akin to Rome where all non-Romans were viewed as Barbarians.

Baron Fyodor Borysovych Saradzhev

Baron Fyodor Borysovych Saradzhev
Head of the Oprichnina

Lord Saradzhev (Borysovych) is the Head of the Oprichnina (secret police). Lord Saradzhev first joined Pavlov in 2014 on invitation of HIH Grand Prince Jaroslav. Since his subjectship, Saradzhev was the Head of the Oprichnina. Under him the Oprichnina protected the Empire from all threats - internal and external.

HM Despot Ivan Brienskyj

Despot Brienskyj has been involved in Pavlov since the "Montescanin" period in 2019. As a Head of State of a Socius state, he is not only a Senator but also sits in the House of Socii. Despot Brienskyj is responsible for upholding Christian morals in the Senate and is a known right-wing conservative in the community.

HS Duke Mykola Sladzhanovych Jovanov

Lord Jovanov has been involved in Pavlov since the "Montescanin" period in 2019. He has in the past led other new nation projects and was also briefly involved in the Empire of Austenasia. Lord Jovanov is Head of the largest company (number of employees) in Pavlov exporting vegetables and fruit to the nearby Republic of Serbia.