Get involved with Pavlov!

Do you want to have a role in Pavlov? Want to get involved? Join Pavlov's Diplomatic Corps!

How to get involved with Pavlov?

Pavlov has a Diplomatic Corps to serve as the diplomatic service of the Empire in the world. Diplomats are appointed by the Emperor to serve as advocates for Pavlov across the globe. The Diplomatic Corps is a volunteer (and unpaid) service of proud Pavlovians wishing to act as a local evangelist for the Empire to their community. Every member of the Diplomatic Corps starts as Honorary consul, upon completion of a succesful period of being in the Diplomatic Corps, one has the ability to be appointed Consul, Consul-General and even Ambassador!

What is it?

  • The duty of a Diplomat is to promote the cultural relations between Pavlov and the country (or region) in which they reside with the precise goal of promoting Pavlov and her image abroad.
  • Diplomats are expected to accept invitations form the press and or other organizations on behalf of the Emperor, to represent Pavlov in a formal capacity at diplomatic and or cultural events in their appointed region.
  • Diplomats are furthermore expected to contact and engage Pavlovian subjects in their appointed region as appropriate through e-mail, telephone, or in person.

Can I become a Diplomat?

Yes you can, If you are:

  • A Pavlovian subject
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Live in the host country and are willing to travel a reasonable distance to attend events in the area.

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