About Pavlov

a new nation project located on numerous small strips of land. Our objectives are promoting the culture of Kyivan Rus', Christian Trinitarian Faith and the principles of the Roman monarchy.

The Empire of Pavlov, or simply Pavlov, is a new nation project aiming to promote the legacy of the Roman monarchy and of the Kyivan Rus'.

The Empire of Pavlov was originally established in 2012 (for more information see History) and has since evolved into a multinational community with hundreds of participants, united by their love for Roman, Slavic, and Christian traditions, as well as by a rejection of republicanism.

In 2015, the Empire of Pavlov became one of the leading micronations of the russophone sector, hosting the largest micronational summit held to date. In the same period it also become known for her socially-conservative policies, which are widely accepted by the Pavlovian subjects.

As part of the Pavlovian Rus' cultural heritage, we maintain ceremonial territorial claims over twenty four land plots — in the Netherlands, in Slovakia, in Ukraine, in Turkey, in Montenegro, in Serbia, in the United States and in Russia (known in Pavlov as Muscovy). It should be noted, however, that Pavlov doesn't dispute the sovereignty of the plots by their respective "macronational" Governments.

After going through many transformations, Pavlov was re-founded in its present state on 12 June 2020 by its former Monarch, Emperor Alexander IV. Our gates are open for new potential subjects, so if you like what you see on our website and want to become part of the Fourth Rome and Heaven on Flat Earth, we invite you to apply for subjectship.