Compilation of the Codex Alexandrus Magnus completed

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The Empire of Pavlov is a social and cultural project which seeks to model the society, customs, and traditions of the medieval Slavic principalities and the Roman Empire in a contemporary framing. The standards of what is and isn't acceptable were drastically different in the era that Pavlov is modeled after, and many of today's societal concepts didn't exist at all. More in the Disclaimer.

Compilation of the Codex Alexandrus Magnus completed

21 October 7529 AM

His Imperial Majesty Alexander IV, Autocrat of Romans and of All Rus', Victor of Moscovites, Pius Felix, Defender of the Faith, Turtle and Elephants, may the Almighty God bless his reign, passed the Codex Alexandrus Magnus, the civil and criminal code of the Empire in form of an Imperial Decree. The Codex is a compilation of the Codex Justinianus and the Russkaja Pravda. Some parts of the Church Statute of Prince Jaroslav the Wise were also included due to similarity between it and some parts of the Codex Justinianus.

The Codex Alexandrus Magnus has been the de facto civil and criminal code since the passing of the Basic Law of the Empire in June 2020, however due to the need of cross-checking of hundreds of articles with existing Pavlovian laws it has taken until November 2020 for completion of the compilation.

While not containing any new provisions, the Emperor did amend numerous articles from earlier provisions passed by predecessor Emperors. After having been stamped and signed by the Imperial hand, the document was handed over to a Priest which has blessed the Codex Alexandrus Magnus with holy water.

The Codex Alexandrus Magnus which is comprised of over three hundred laws, covers civil and criminal matters including family law, debts, marriage, property, the justice system and church law. It will be used mostly by the Imperial and local Courts when looking at jurisprudence.

The Codex Alexandrus Magnus has been given a place in the safe of the Imperial Import-Export bank and is stationed next to a copy of the Basic Law of the Empire, the Declaration of Independence of 2014 and the original decleration of independence of 2012. Copies shall be available for shipping via the online-store of the Pavlovian Government.

The adoption of the Codex Alexandrus Magnus is believed to strengthen the fact of Pavlov being the heir to Rome and Kyivan Rus'.