Montescano to issue ID cards

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Montescano to issue ID cards

13 May 7528 AM

ID card

Image of the Montescanesque ID card

After a month of intense work, the first ID card of the Principality was issued today, to Lord Christian Newton, Marquess of Kaap Hatteras. The ID card is a standard photo ID in full accordance with ICAO standards and contains a machine-readable zone.


While containing an MRZ, the ID card is not a recognized travel document and as such is not to be used for traveling. Instead, it is a way for Montescanesque subjects to show their affiliation with the project. The ID card will be offered for sale via this official government website to citizens only.


As per the ICAO regulations, the Identity Cards contain personal data of the citizenship, such as full name, sex, date of birth, status within Montescano (R for regular citizens, S (service) for government employees and D for diplomats and high-ranked officials), as well as citizen’s photo, a scan of signature and a machine-readable text. 


The Principality shall soon expand the range of plastic documents, with Diplomatic Cards being available soon to the Montescanesque diplomats; the possibility of introducing more documents is presently under consideration.