Sovereign Emperor proclaimed Defender of the Faith, Turtle and Elephants


The Empire of Pavlov is a social and cultural project which seeks to model the society, customs, and traditions of the medieval Slavic principalities and the Roman Empire in a contemporary framing. The standards of what is and isn't acceptable were drastically different in the era that Pavlov is modeled after, and many of today's societal concepts didn't exist at all. More in the Disclaimer.

Sovereign Emperor proclaimed Defender of the Faith, Turtle and Elephants

21 June 7528 AM

His Imperial Majesty Alexander IV, may the Almighty God bless his reign, gave Imperial Assent to an Act of Senate which formally grants him the hereditary style of Fidei, testudinis et elephantorum defensor — Latin for Defender of the Faith, Turtle and Elephants.

The Act is motivated by the need to recognise His Imperial Majesty's invaluable contributions to defending the Christian religion against heresies and degeneracies and promoting the Flat Earth theory.

Since the foundation of the Grand Principality of Pavlov in 2014, Pavlov, in all her incarnations, has been staunchly defending Christian values and traditions. Also in 2014 Pavlov declared her formal support to Flat-Earthism, and the Order of the Flat Earth, currently in the process of re-establishing, was founded in the Empire of Pavlov in 2016. The Empire maintains her commitment to researching the World Turtle and finding out what is its gender.

The Act was proposed by HIH Grand Prince Jaroslav Aleksandrovych, who is known as a major ideologist of Pavlovian fundamentalism and Flat Earth theory. When approached by the State Gazette to comment on his reasons for proposing the Act, the Grand Prince said that "nobody is a bigger defender of Christian values and of Flat Earth than His Imperial Majesty. This Act is a sign of appreciation of our Monarch's contributions to protecting Pavlovian heritage, which is inseparable from Christianity, from Flat Earth, and from the Great Turtle and Elephants upon which the Earth rests."

Rt. Hon. Prof. Dr. Sir Cazimir Qërimbaşy, Rector of the Pavlovian Academy of St. Ahmed the Calligrapher, was unable to comment on the current stage of researching the gender of the World Turtle.